I Feel Your Pain

Crisis is upon you… A loved one is fighting for their life. So many people may want to help, but they don’t know what to do. Understanding the emotional volatility […]

We Are Here to Serve

Here to Serve is a non-profit group is dedicated to making a difference in the lives of the terminally ill, their caregivers and their family. More families are finding themselves […]

About Here to Serve’s Advisory Board Member Dr. Judith Sato, MD

Here to Serve is proud to have one of the nation’s top cancer doctors on its advisory board, Dr. Judith Sato. She not only brings medical knowledge, but first hand […]

Our Inspiration: Paul M. Alindog-Bouvier

Though cancer took his left arm, Paul M. Alindog-Bouvier is remembered by his friends for his enduring faith and for doing more with his right arm than most people with […]

Our Inspiration: Jessica Grace Mastan

A promising athlete, 12-year-old Jessica Grace Mastan was struck with a pain in her hip after falling during a soccer game. She was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive bone […]

About Here to Serve’s Advisory Board Member Melanie Sauer-Beegle

As director of business operations for Southern California Public Radio, an affiliate of National Public Radio, and consultant to non-profit children’s and theater groups, Melanie Sauer-Beegle’s financial expertise is welcomed […]

About Here to Serve’s secretary, Shirley Johnson

As chief nursing and patient services officer at one of the country’s top 10 cancer centers (City of Hope in Duarte, Calif.), Here to Serve’s secretary Shirley Johnson has seen […]

Our Inspiration: Silvio C. Quintas

After taking a round of antibiotics, doctors found that Silvio’s white blood count was still high. After more tests, they discovered Silvio C. Quintas had leukemia. However, it was a […]

Our Inspiration: Bryan M. Quintas

Future Here to Serve CEO Katie Quintas discovered her son, Bryan, was also diagnosed with cancer. This diagnosis came a few months after she found a doctor to treat the […]

About Here to Serve’s founder, Kathleen Quintas

Here to Serve’s Kathleen Quintas was inspired to found her organization from her own experience with caregiving. While holding a full time job, Kathleen’s son was diagnosed with stage 4 […]

Big Names behind Here to Serve: Henry Jordan

When it comes to Here to Serve continuing to grow and serve more families, we can never emphasize enough the value of support that comes from caring entrepreneurs and corporations. […]