Big Names behind Here to Serve: Henry Jordan

When it comes to Here to Serve continuing to grow and serve more families, we can never emphasize enough the value of support that comes from caring entrepreneurs and corporations. Among those most influential who stand with Here to Serve is Henry Jordan, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Wells Fargo Capital Finance.

Henry’s friendship with the founders of Here to Serve dates back 40 years when Henry and Here to Serve’s Co-Founder Silvio Quintas were friends at La Salle High School. Their friendship flourished as the years went on.

When Katie and Silvio Quintas started Here to Serve, they shared their idea with Henry who gave them wise counsel and advice. He was inspired by a cause that would help families with children in medical crisis by creating a stable environment and providing practical help and useful medical recourses. Also as a friend to Quintas family, he knew about their own battle with terrible diseases including cancer and felt compelled to show support to this charity.

Both Wells Fargo Capital Finance and Henry’s family have been supporting Here to Serve financially. Henry himself serves on the Advisory Board. Busy as he has been, he involves himself in Here to Serve’s events and provides advice and support. He participated in Golf Tournaments the last two years and sponsored their Casino Night in memory of Silvio this month.

“If people are considering donations, I would have them spend a little time directly with Katie,” Henry suggested. Conversations with an insider always helps people better know the situations of people in need. In addition, Henry recommends referring to Here to Serve and GuideStar’s websites, as a good sources to get to know some of the families with children in medical crisis. GuideStar rates Here to Serve as a five-star nonprofit through reviews of the charity!