Our Inspiration: Paul M. Alindog-Bouvier

Though cancer took his left arm, Paul M. Alindog-Bouvier is remembered by his friends for his enduring faith and for doing more with his right arm than most people with both arms.

Stricken with cancer for eight years, Paul would study and prepare for his classes and exams during his chemotherapy sessions. He did not allow his condition damage his spirit or keep him from taking part in sports, student government and music. His peers named him “Most Inspiring Student” in middle school and high school for his boundless optimism and involvement in his activities, despite his health.

Before his death, Paul was active in fundraising for the Camp Ronald McDonald House and the City of Hope. Just as important, Paul was a friend to Bryan M. Quintas, the son of Here to Serve CEO Katie Quintas who also endured his own diagnosis and treatment for cancer. Knowing Paul is a gift from God, and though he is gone, what we do at Here to Serve honors his memory.