7 Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Childhood Cancer Moms

7 Ideas to Celebrate Mother’s Day with Childhood Cancer Moms

How to Support the Mother of a Pediatric Cancer Patient

Pediatric cancer patient with his momMother’s Day is a day to celebrate the love and bond between a mother and child. Mothers caring for their families during a cancer journey certainly deserve to be celebrated!  

If you know a mom who has a child with cancer, here are a few simple things you can do to show your support on Mother’s Day. 

  1. Help with practical tasks: whether it’s picking up groceries, running errands or doing some light cleaning, offering to help caregivers with practical tasks can take some of the pressure off a mom who is already juggling a lot.
  2. Send a thoughtful card or gift: A heartfelt message or small but special gift can go a long way in showing a mom that you’re thinking of her on Mother’s Day. Consider a personalized gift that recognizes the strength and resilience she demonstrates as she cares for her child. Pediatric cancer patients can thank their mom for her lifelong support with a thoughtful and genuine DIY gift.
  3. Make a donation in her honor: Consider donating to a cancer charity or organization in her honor. This can show your support for her and a cause that is close to her heart. Donating to Here to Serve is a way to give directly to cancer families. 
  4. Offer to spend time with her child: Moms can be the most active caregivers for children with cancer. Give the mom some time to herself for a much needed and well deserved break. Offering to spend time with her child can be a meaningful gesture, allowing her to recharge and take care of herself, knowing that her child is in good hands.
  5. Acknowledge her strength: Let her know how much you admire her strength and resilience in the face of such a difficult situation. Tell her that you are there for her and that you are proud of her.
  6. Plan a fun day with her: this might involve going to the movies, making reservations for dinner at her favorite restaurant or seeing a concert. Ask what she wants to do and plan accordingly.
  7. Listen: sometimes, all a mom needs is someone to listen. Demonstrating that you are there to listen and that you care about what she has to say will be meaningful.

Boy battling cancer smiling with his mom

While Mother’s Day is a day of celebration, it can be a tough day for moms whose children have cancer to enjoy with all the challenges involved in this difficult time. Your kindness and compassion can help make it a little easier. Celebrating the joys of motherhood and while supporting them through tough times along the pediatric cancer journey will let the moms in your life know that they are seen, loved and not alone.

Family celebrating Mother's DayHere to Serve was founded by Katie Quintas, a mother of a cancer survivor, and has served hundreds of families during their cancer journeys by providing non-medical wraparound services. At Here to Serve, our resource referrals can assist pediatric cancer families in finding mental health resources, financial services, transportation, lodging, organizational assistance, spiritual support, and more. If you or someone you know could benefit from our services, please contact us for help.

Author: Hayley Charles

Hayley Charles works in the hospitality field and is passionate about the advancement of mental and behavioral health services in rural areas. She enjoys dedicating her personal time to the growth of Here to Serve by writing informative and uplifting blogs.

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