Caring for the Caregiver

In situations where one deals with a seriously ill family member, there’s rarely any discussion of their own well-being during the ordeal. It’s understandable. With the challenges an ill family member faces, caregivers see any inconvenience as small and insignificant.

However, there is a personal and emotional toll for that kind of personal and around the clock attention. The Family Caregiver Alliance found 90% of 500 caregivers describing the ordeal as frustrating, draining, and painful. Other studies found that more than half of those caring for a family member felt they didn’t have enough time for themselves and do not get enough sleep. Reports of depression and burnout are also not uncommon. Understandably, half of the caregivers in a study reported their own health deteriorated.

Finally, the mortality of caregivers were 63 percent greater than others — with some of them dying before the ill family members they were caring for.

Taking advantage of the services Here to Serve offers can not only assist to bring back some balance to a caregiver’s life, but can possibly ensure that the caregiver can continue to be there for their loved ones.