Caroline and Her Family’s Battle for Life

When Caroline was diagnosed with stage 4 neuroblastoma, she was just three-years old. Her diagnosis was heart-stopping because of the aggressive type of cancer she has.

The Family’s battle for life

She has gone through multiple rounds of chemotherapy, a surgery to remove the tumor on her adrenal gland, a stem cell transplant, radiation therapy, and immunotherapy treatments since November, 2013. Overwhelming as the experience is, Caroline stays strong and positive. She considers all the medical procedures as a life adventure and even determined her future career goal…to be a surgeon when she grows up! Having been surrounded by her doctor and nurse friends, Caroline decided she wanted to be one of them. We believe Doctor Caroline will be the most accomplished surgeon!

Standing with Caroline throughout this battle, is her family who spares no effort to support her and pray for her. Mom Cheryl lovingly recorded Caroline’s journey on her blog illustrating, between lines, how brave and determined her little girl is. But still, parent worries can be sensed. This battle takes time and is marked by continuous ups and downs.

Now there is one more person who roots for Caroline, her baby sister Chloe. Being a big sister is a responsibility Caroline gladly takes on. Would we expect any less of joyful, indomitable Caroline?! She is an inspiration to all!

Here to Serve has been and will continue to be with Caroline and her family. We will continue to help with the Family’s battle for life, with all it’s challenges. We hope you are able to join us and help them through this battle!


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