Create Valentine Memories with Your Child

Create Valentine Memories with Your Child

Celebrate with Activities and Crafts

Baby girl with cancer smiling at the cameraWhen someone says, “Valentine’s Day,” it likely brings thoughts of romantic gestures and encounters. However, if we are honest, the most enduring memory is probably that of a shoebox carefully decorated and filled with notes from our schoolmates. Here are some tips on how to create memories and crafts with cancer patients. Thankfully, creating Valentine crafts with your child battling cancer, and their siblings, can be easy and fun.

Before we get to the crafts, just some brief thoughts on why we celebrate February 14th at all.

The origin of Valentine’s Day

While some attribute the holiday to a modernization of the ancient Christian St. Valentine feast day, no evidence exists that St. Valentine had anything to do with romantic love. Indeed, he met a rather grizzly end as a Christian martyr during the reign of Roman Emperor Claudius Gothicus. The more likely origin is the 14th– century poet Geoffrey Chaucer, who penned a poem including stanzas that refer to birds mating:

“For this was on seynt Volantynys day. Whan euery bryd comyth there to chese his make.”

A sweet smile from Angelina.

Evidently this poem became very popular amidst the nobility, and there began the trend of penning notes of affection on St. Valentine’s Day.

Whatever the origins, February is a month when most of us appreciate a little love. While holidays may look a little different for families of children with cancer, Valentine’s Day offers many fun activities and crafts that are themed for the occasion and can be done almost anywhere. Warning: choosing from the following crafty ideas may not be easy!

10 Valentine’s Day crafts for childhood cancer patients

  1. Young girl with cancer smilingPipe cleaner heart rings from One Little Project. These rings are sure to impress and super easy to make! The materials are inexpensive and relatively easy to get.
  2. Rocking paper plate birds from I Heart Crafty Things. This cute little craft is simple and kids can make it unique with their own color scheme and creative touches.
  3. Candy heart frames from Happiness is Homemade. Everyone loves the classic conversation heart candies that appear in stores around Valentine’s Day. This is a great project that utilizes the extra candies if you can’t finish the whole bag!
  4. Secret message valentine from Crafts by Amanda. Kids love the concept of magic and this craft is sure to delight. With a few easily obtained supplies, participants will create their own magic trick and send a carefully crafted message to their family member or friend.
  5. Salt dough hearts from The Best Ideas for Kids. For a longer lasting product, these ornaments made with household items such as: flour, salt and paint will be a hit!
  6. Fingerprint heart tree from Arty Crafty Kids. We all know that kids love getting their hands dirty and making a mess! This is a great way to get those creative juices flowing and allow them to be messy in a monitored environment that also leads to a positive outcome.
  7. Rainbow heart suncatchers from Fireflies and Mudpies. These beautiful creations will look great in the window with the sun shining through and are a creation that can be displayed throughout the year.
  8. Valentine’s Day bird feeders from Simple Joy. This craft is awesome because once completed, you have a snack for the birds that also allows kids to spend some time outside figuring out where they want to hang it. It’s an opportunity to discuss nature as well, so cool!
  9. Love bug book marks from Kid Friendly Things To Do. These little book marks are so cute and another chance for kids to explore their own creativity by making it their own.
  10. Stuffed hearts from School Time Snippets. The final craft we are featuring allows kids to practice their motor skills while also practicing caring for the environment! By using recycled paper bags and old plastic bags, you’re reducing waste and reusing items as well.

These awesome craft projects are kid friendly and don’t require a big investment of time or money for the parent. Creating crafts with cancer patients is a great way of making memories and spending quality time with loved ones. We hope you enjoy the projects and can spend Valentine’s Day with loved ones creating happy memories and maybe even a craft or two!

Here to Serve loves Valentine’s Day, a day to think of our loved ones and send a special thank you to our community. We also know these “special” holidays can bring up strong emotions. We are here to provide support and resources. If you or someone you know has a child with cancer and are in need of tangible support and resources, please contact Here to Serve. Click on the Get Help button from our homepage and a member of our team will reach out.

By Haley Charles

All information on this blog is for informational and educational purposes only. Always consult a medical provider in your particular area of need before making significant changes in your medical decisions or lifestyle.