Meet Two of Here to Serve’s Major Donors

Meet Two of Here to Serve’s Major Donors

Susie and Henry Jordan Give Moral, Financial, and Professional Support
Picture of Susie and Henry Jordan

Susie and Henry Jordan on a recent holiday.

Henry and Susie Jordan have been strong supporters of Here to Serve for many years. Recently I had the opportunity to speak with Henry about his relationship with Here to Serve and asked him how they became involved and what motivates them to continue their support. Henry explained that his relationship actually began with Silvio Quintas, the husband of Katie, the founder of Here to Serve.

“Silvio and I were high school friends and kept in touch over the years. When Silvio’s family was struck by not only his cancer diagnosis, but their son’s diagnosis also, we watched them face the challenges as a family. Katie needed to be the advocate for both Silvio and Bryan, assuring they received the treatment, care, and overall support they needed through their cancer journeys. I suppose one never really understands how many things need to be delt with once a family member has cancer until you see it first-hand. On top of research to understand available treatments, there is the transportation to the numerous appointments (and Silvio and Bryan were in different hospitals), insurance forms, daily care, common household maintenance, and someone must keep going to work to pay all the healthcare and household bills. Some people would, and are, broken by this level of responsibility, but Katie just dug in and made it all happen. Silvio was able to keep working after his initial treatments, and I know they depended on her church family and friends to get them through the darkest hours, but her determination and faith was really admirable during those difficult days.

Sadly, Silvio passed on from his cancer, but I’m happy to say Bryan is thriving. Silvio founded Here to Serve with Katie in 2011 and was one of Katie’s biggest supporters and urged her to continue growing the Here to Serve Foundation.

Even through the toughest times, Katie would say that with less resources she didn’t know how many families survived this kind of a cancer journey. She feels strongly that the medical industry is not designed to support, only to treat. While she was still dealing with the illness in her own family, she began to form a plan to help others.

She initially came to me when I was CEO of Wells Fargo Capital Finance. She came and made a pitch for community support from Wells Fargo. Even though I believed in her vision, I told her no! I didn’t think Here to Serve was a financially feasible organization. Of course, she boldly told me I was wrong and she was going to make it happen!

Demonstrating such faith and passion, I wanted to personally support her, so my wife Susie and I gave her a personal gift. We saw first-hand how providing non-medical wrap-around support was making a difference in people’s lives; it wasn’t just advice from an agency or website but real time daily assistance when people needed it most. Katie just kept gathering more resources and volunteers to make more services available to families. And eventually she was able to persuade me to provide a community seed grant from Wells Fargo, as well as our personal gift. Now, twelve years on Susie and I are still supporting Here to Serve, and we feel it’s one of the most rewarding things we do.

We have been part of the growth of Here to Serve, which means the down times as well as the good times. I try and give professional advice, along with our financial support, that will enhance the organization. I am very pleased with the new Board of Trustees that began solidifying a long-term strategic plan in 2023. In addition to the Board and Advisory committee, there is a stalwart group of professionals volunteering on a regular basis. I believe the organization will grow and be able to serve even more families as they face challenges in their cancer journeys.

What makes us continue to support Here to Serve? The families. Every year we go to their big fundraiser. At the fundraiser, families and patients share their stories and say how Here to Serve was there for them during their darkest hours. Pediatric cancer has one of the lowest survival rates, so many times the family has lost their child. Other times you see the children thriving, having beat the cancer. Whatever the outcome from their cancer journey, they express gratitude for Here to Serve for being by their side. It is a very humbling experience to be able to support this kind of life-affirming organization. Susie and I feel we are very fortunate – we have everything we need, including our health. Who needs more things? We would rather put that money toward helping these families. Plus, the dynamic Katie Quintas is very hard to say no to!”

Henry Jordan was interviewed by Valerie Radford Cox. To read more about Here to Serve and see Henry’s bio, click here.

Here to Serve and Your Cancer Journey Needs

Here To Serve specializes in the additional needs your family will encounter during your cancer journey: everyday needs such as communicating your child’s progress to family and friends, managing your household, and coordinating daily tasks. If you or someone you know is a caregiver of a child with cancer and needs support with everyday tasks, errands, or locating resources to make life with cancer easier, don’t hesitate to contact Here to Serve. We are here to help.

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