Happy Hanukkah from Here to Serve!

During Hanukkah, many Jewish families look forward to lighting the menorah and celebrating with family traditions. The season can bring comfort and joy to those reveling in the festival of […]

International Volunteer Day, Volunteers that Are Here to Serve!

When your child is diagnosed with cancer, your whole world turns upside down. Just getting through the day is often a never-ending challenge. Your child’s health often becomes an obsession. […]

Giving Tuesday: Why Give?

It is that time of year!  Giving Tuesday, a national initiative that brings awareness to giving, kicks off the charitable giving season on December 1st! What does it mean to […]

It’s Thanksgiving! Gratitude in 2020…

Gratitude is a habit that presently eludes many Americans, and it is no wonder in the midst of this worldwide coronavirus pandemic. Gratitude is not an easy attitude to practice […]

COVID Meets Cancer, a Recipe for Catastrophe

Staying Safe in a New World How to Protect Your Family COVID-19 in 2023 10/29/2023 COVID-19 has dramatically changed in 2023. Viruses, like the one that causes COVID-19, can change […]

November is National Gratitude Month: What are you grateful for?

It’s National Gratitude Month! Many studies have shown gratitude helps alleviate stress and improve healing. This is especially true for parents and children battling childhood cancer. When challenging times come, […]

Kids with Cancer Can Celebrate Halloween, Here’s How…

The joy on the face of a child as they strut about in their costume collecting candy door-to-door on Halloween is often lost on families with children coping with a […]

Physical Activity During Childhood Cancer, Does It Have to End?

The crack of a baseball bat hitting a ball on a warm summer day, the smell of fresh-cut grass on a soccer field as your son or daughter runs down […]

Nutrition: Where is the time to cook healthy meals?

One of the biggest challenges facing parents and caregivers of children with cancer is good nutrition. Whether it be for the child or the caregiver, eating healthy is a struggle. […]

October is Emotional Wellness Month: Stress and Cancer

“In the days and weeks following my brain cancer diagnosis, stress was a given. Saying my family and I suffered from it was like a pregnant woman saying she was […]

Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

A parent’s love for their child is an all-encompassing, powerful, and unbreakable bond. When a parent hears the heart-stopping words, “your child has cancer,” their world turns upside down. Sadly, […]

What Is a Patient-Centered Medical Home?

Why should you care? Many hospitals try to create an environment they call “Family-Centered Care” which is more a derivative of Patient-Centered Medical Home, a concept first introduced by the […]

Volunteer Highlight – Maureen Girouard

We have benefited from so many volunteers, it is hard to pick just one to highlight. Maureen Girouard came to Here to Serve in 2018 after spending her previous 14 […]

Our Resource Database: A VITAL Service to Our Families!

Your help supports many facets of Here to Serve as an organization. Did you know that hospital social workers generally have no database of resources for families who are NOT […]

Zein Youssef – Your Donations DO Make a Difference!

Childhood cancer boldly and without warning enters the lives of our sons and daughters without reason or cause. Zein has bravely been battling cancer since he was 6 years old […]

Caring for the Caregiver

In situations where one deals with a seriously ill family member, there’s rarely any discussion of their own well-being during the ordeal. It’s understandable. With the challenges an ill family […]

Why We Serve

Though the explosion of entertainment, smartphones and internet access brings convenience and options only dreamed of only 10 years ago, it’s also disconnected us from our neighbors and community that […]

EEOC Vows to Defend Employment Rights of Caregivers

In a public meeting, the U.S. Equal Employment Opportunity Commission heard experts testify as to the discrimination caregivers face in the workplace. More than 40 percent of American workers have […]

Caring for Ill Family Members a Source of Anxiety for Women

A Forbes news item found that 66 percent of both black and white women are worried about caring for sick family members. Though Hispanics were not included in the study, […]

Caregivers Need Support Groups of their Own

A study by the American Psychological Association found that caregivers who looked after critically and chronically ill family members were more likely to report higher levels of stress, poor health […]