Pediatric Cancer Awareness Month

Pediatric cancer awareness monthA parent’s love for their child is an all-encompassing, powerful, and unbreakable bond. When a parent hears the heart-stopping words, “your child has cancer,” their world turns upside down. Sadly, cancer still steals the life of a child more often than you would expect. After accidents, it is the second leading cause of death in children. In 2020 alone, over 11,000 children will be diagnosed with cancer in the US (American Cancer Society,

Leukemia, the most prevalent childhood cancer, starts most often in white blood cells. The two main types of childhood leukemia are acute, which requires immediate treatment, and chronic, which progresses more slowly, but is more resistant to treatment ( Since 2008, the rate of childhood leukemia has increased by 0.7% per year. Fortunately, the survival rate has also increased to an estimated 84.6% ( However, the journey to good health is a long battle.

Balancing medical treatments, finances, insurance, day-to-day routines such as cleaning, laundry and meal preparation can be daunting. Coupled with the tremendous expense, entire families are placed under incredible levels of stress.

Where is a parent to turn for help?
We are happy to share; Here to Serve was created to help meet the needs of families whose lives are in upheaval due to their child’s cancer diagnosis.

Here to Serve provides critical support and much needed resources to families who do not qualify for traditional government aid. Most families find themselves near or above the poverty level, which for a family of four, is an annual income of $34,638. These families experience tremendous loss of income and financial turmoil as they care for their child.

Additionally, the current pandemic has increased the stress and treatment challenges for families. Here to Serve has also been affected as we are unable to achieve donation goals due to the cancellation of our major annual fundraising event this month. This, of course, limits our ability to help families in the future if we do not secure more funding.

It takes a village…..
Here to Serve brings the village and you can be a part of it. Many hands make light work, and small donations from many have a big impact on a child and their family. Feel the call to serve in this village? Click on this link to see how you can volunteer or donate. You do not give to Here to Serve, you give through Here to Serve. Help us bring the village.

by Amanda Enciso