Spring, An Inspiring Season

Spring, An Inspiring Season

The embodiment of hope and newness each year

When spring arrives we’ve tipped the balance from longer nights to longer days. Equinox means “equal night” of light and dark (roughly), and through the rest of the season we can benefit — experientially and metaphorically – from more time spent in the light. The major faiths in the world all celebrate during the spring season, taking inspiration from the rebirth we experience all around us. It’s a time of joyous renewal of our spiritual faiths, and a time to gather and celebrate with loved ones.

Brother kissing sister on her foreheadThere’s even some science to the joy of spring. Research suggests that for many people, the extended daylight boosts mood, well-being and energy. Dopamine — a neurotransmitter associated with attention, motivation, pleasure and mood — seems to increase with more exposure to sunlight.

Children seem especially sensitive to the arrival of spring. After a long winter of being indoors, they revel in the splash of spring rains and the feel of more gentle air. Families on a cancer journey can find winter long and challenging – both physically and mentally. While spring does not remove the gargantuan task of caring for a pediatric cancer patient,  suggests these four simple steps to embrace spring:

  • Lean in to Hope. With tiny seedlings emerging through the dirt, buds gracing trees, and birds returning from their migrations, this season we are surrounded by renewal. These tiny, daily miracles give us reason to hope.
  • Clean Out. Parents of pediatric cancer patients don’t have time to dust every shelf, but a family day of simple chores like putting that pile of winter boots away and a symbolic sweeping of dirt out the door might just put a spring in your step!
  • Open Up. Finally, we can open those windows and doors and let some fresh air in.
  • Get Moving. Whether it’s a picnic, a stroll around the park, or a visit to the hospital garden, moving and being aware of the new scents and colors of a spring day will rejuvenate everyone.

Along with these four simple steps, spring activities are a good opportunity to talk to children about spring, hope and renewal. Here are some simple activities you might enjoy as well:

Children reading a bookSpring can bring about feelings of hope and positive change, something that many people need after a long, bleak winter. For parents and loved ones of children with cancer, this time of year is an opportunity to reset and analyze what aspects of their journey they have the power to improve upon. It is also a chance to focus on the road ahead and prepare for the inevitable hardships that will arrive, no matter the season. With warmer weather, an array of holidays and more natural sunlight, spring is a brighter time for all.

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Author: Hayley Charles

Hayley Charles works in the hospitality field and is passionate about the advancement of mental and behavioral health services in rural areas. She enjoys dedicating her personal time to the growth of Here to Serve by writing informative and uplifting blogs.

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