American Brain Tumor Association

This organization offers information, education, advocacy, research funding and more, for individuals with any kind of brain tumor, and their families/caregivers. The website has an extensive list of resources for education and support, such as local support groups, online support resources, and tumor and treatment information.

American Lung Association

The organization offers “Help With Treatment Decisions” for patients and professionals through our NexProfiler(TM) Tools for Lung Cancer. The goal is to enhance the physician – patient dialogue, and to help patients make better-informed treatment decisions using information from evidence-based, peer-reviewed medical literature. Through this tool you will receive a personalized treatment options report tailored to your diagnosis. Your report will provide the pros and cons of each treatment, side effects, questions to ask your physician, plus access to relevant summaries of clinical studies.

National Organization for Rare Disorders

National Organization for Rare Disorders (Provides current information on rare diseases, including numerous forms of pediatric cancer and a comprehensive listing of links that offer information and assistance.)