Adeel Khan

Adeel Khan is an experienced public company executive and accomplished CFO whose
experience spans 25 years in commercial real estate and other industries. He is
recognized for his expertise in commercial real estate, initial public offerings, mergers
and acquisitions, financial & operational strategies, acquisitions and development,
capital and debt markets, enterprise risk management, and leadership development. He
brings board governance experience and is qualified to serve as a financial expert on
audit committees.

Adeel learned about the end-to-end program/mission offered by Here to Serve after a
discussion with CEO and Founder Katie Quintas. Furthermore, Adeel’s spouse
previously worked for USC/Norris Cancer Hospital and learned about the cancer
journey for the patients and families through years of secondary discussions and
experiences. Adeel’s goal is to extend the mission by further developing the
organization’s structure and to help elevate every facet of the organization ultimately
leading to support for additional families. Hopefully this will allow the organization to go
from a best-kept secret to a household name.