Emily Mischel

Emily Mischel is a software and social media expert loving all things content marketing and social. A serial entrepreneur before jumping into writing chat-bots as a founder and creative director for SoZango Solutions, Emily was a digital media producer; writing, coordinating, shooting and casting digital content domestically and internationally with social media influencers for a variety of creator networks and brands, such as Marriott Rewards and Rue21.  Notable collaborations include CryptTv, FunnyOrDie Community, BabelyTV, Vid.me, and various Fullscreen Network creators. Currently she is the Co-Founder of SoZango providing marketing and business development, writing and developing all marketing content, copy and collateral for the company’s multiple platforms.  Emily is expert in Salesforce, Microsoft Office (PowerPoint, Word, Excel) and Social Media (Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Twitter) and Etsy, Emily graduated with a MS in Social Entrepreneurship from USC Marshall School of Business, and a BA in American Studies and English from Pitzer College. Emily loves her cats, vintage clothing, and museum-hopping. Follow Emily on Instagram @emisch7