Jeff Eyrich

Jeff brings a varied background of corporate management and entrepreneurship to Here to Serve’s board of directors.  For the past 15 years, he has been managing a boutique systems development and implementation consultancy, Leverage Point Corporation, that he founded in 2005.  During the 20 years prior to Leverage Point, Jeff held a variety of sales and management positions in the technology field, culminating in his position as Regional Vice President over western operations for a global software and services company, responsible for combined annual revenue of over $70 million.

Jeff became aware of Here to Serve after the organization began supporting a close family friend in his battle with Osteosarcoma, and saw first hand how families can struggle juggling the myriad of responsibilities and challenges that come with caring for a child with a life-threatening illness.  After actively participating in the care community that Here to Serve helped organize for the family, Jeff became interested in helping the organization grow and develop more efficient methods for serving families in need.

Jeff hopes that the combination of process expertise and technology experience that he brings to the table can help Here to Serve streamline operations, develop efficient technology solutions and improve outreach and service delivery.