Maureen Girouard

With 25+ years in for-profit and nonprofit management, Maureen Girouard has obtained a significant depth of knowledge and experience that will be called upon as she serves on the Here to Serve Advisory Board.  Maureen has shared, “one of the most important lessons I’ve learned about fundraising and philanthropy is if you can’t speak from personal experience by having authentic passion for your organization’s mission, you’re most likely not going to be successful.” 


Maureen’s most significant recent experience comes from her 14 years at Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, where she was employed for the duration of its record setting $1 billion Living Proof campaign, launched in 2002 and concluded in 2011.  The Living Proof campaign raised more than any other free-standing full service pediatric hospital at the time of its completion.  Through the course of Maureen’s tenure she was a member of multiple foundation departments; annual giving, foundation relations, major and planned giving, corporate giving, special events and donor relations.


During her last several years at Children’s Hospital, after the campaign’s conclusion, Maureen was encouraged to expand her own fundraising portfolio and she created and directed a new fundraising department, Strategic Initiatives.  The Strategic Initiatives platform enabled her to consider the most promising philanthropic partners and point them towards programs and significant funding opportunities that enabled them to partner in the most meaningful ways for their brand’s extension and impact.  These partnerships raised several million dollars.   


Prior to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles, Maureen gained further non-profit experience while at the American Heart Association where she oversaw operations for the four Los Angeles County fundraising offices.   Over a decade of additional operational management experience was garnered within the hospitality industry through Starwood Hotels and Resorts Worldwide amongst other industry leaders.