“This charity went above and beyond to help my sister and her children this Christmas season with relocating to a new apartment by raising over $1,500 and making this the best Christmas they ever had! There we TONS of presents for all of their children AND them and this made it the most memorable Christmas for them ever! Thank you so much from the bottom of our hearts!”

Jamie M.

“I got involved with ‘Here to Serve’ first as a volunteer and then as a board member as my wife and I were close friends with Katie, her husband Silvio and son Bryan. Having witnessed first hand the struggles a family experiences when a loved one is diagnosed with a life-threatening illness, I was honored and humbled to become part of this amazing organization. Here to Serve provides complete ‘wrap-around’ support to those families embarking on a journey they neither asked for nor could have imagined they would have to take. There is generally a flood of concern from family, friends, co-workers and neighbors all asking ‘what can we do to help?’ While the parents spend most of their time with a sick child, Here to Serve steps in to assist and coordinate with cooking, cleaning, laundry, yard work, shopping and even dog walking. They also have ‘care coordinators’ to assist the parents with the stacks of legal, medical and insurance paperwork that each family has to deal with as well. There to Serve comes alongside each family to help them navigate this unimaginable journey in a very caring and compassionate way.”

Kevin G.

“Two years ago I began a new position at another school in my district. In getting to know staff, one staffer introduced Here to Serve to me. I was blown away! The services are provided to families in the most honorable, non-invasive, and selfless manner. Here to Serve allows families the help they need without having to beg, and give friends and neighbors a way to feel helpful with intruding.”

Heidi H.

“I’m a single mom with two daughters. We literally don’t have any family in and around us. Just our local pastor and a small church. My eldest daughter, Ria, took ill suddenly without warning with Neuromyelitis Optica, a rare neuro-autoimmune disease that damaged her brain and spinal cord. Left paralyzed and with cognitive difficulties. It was then that we met Katie Quintas of Here to Serve. Shortly, thereafter Ria had another NMO attack much worse and was admitted to UCLA Ronald Reagan. We were finally able to come home three months later. I was overwhelmed trying to hold down a full-time job, care for my sick daughter and on one to help other than her younger sister who was also working. Here to Serve offered services to us which was a godsend. Even though we took a different route for adult home care so we could keep working, Here to Serve’s resources and outreach to us was so welcomed and greatly appreciated. I’ve been in touch with other nonprofits since and I don’t get the same warm genuine disposition that they truly care about my daughter’s plight like Katie and Here to Serve does.”

Cindy F.

“Here to Serve has literally been a lifesaver for our family. Last year, our beautiful, precocious, and vivacious 4-year-old daughter was diagnosed with neuroblastoma. I was six months pregnant at the time. I knew we needed lots of help from family and friends, especially with anew baby coming soon, but didn’t have the wherewithal to organize everyone or even express what our needs were. During one of our first conversations, Katie spent over an hour with me, reviewing what our needs were, and even thinking of things that I would never have thought of. On one website, there is the ability to post pictures and updates of our daughter and family, and set up calendars for people who want to help with meals, housecleaning, and other tasks. We’ve been able to connect with our friends and community and receive their help for months. I only wish that every family with a child with serious medical needs could have the help of Here to Serve.”

Cheryl W.

“Here to Serve does not count success by providing a lot of people with band aid solutions. Here to Serve comes through during the deepest, darkest, most stressful time that a parent can face. When a child is gravely ill, Here to Serve is there to help families bridge the gap from heart ache and cat5astrophe to a new life, which sadly doesn’t always include their child. When my lively, happy, athletic 11-year-old daughter was brought down by two strokes, Here to Serve found me on my knees. Here to Serve mobilized my community and helped develop a support system for grander than I would have cr3eat3ed on my own. I got help with meals, dog walking, fundraising, rides for my son, cleaning and much more. During the first year, I had 10 case managers and 12 social workers handing me list of organizations to call for help. Here to Serve was the only organization on those list that made a difference in my life. Here to Serve held my hand so that I could keep going, create a new life and get back on my feet. I can honestly say that I don’t know what I would have done without them.”

Leilani O.

“I was very nervous about receiving help, especially from people I didn’t know.  My friend had talked me into allowing Here To Serve to help me because I was overwhelmed at the time with people wanting to help and me not knowing how to organize it.  My nerves were set at ease after meeting with my representative.  She really knows the road I’m on and was very compassionate and I felt that she was a friend right away.  She cares about my son and truly wants to help.  She is available any time and is always thinking of creative ways to get the help I need.  She is very patient with all my family and friends who may not be tech savvy and need a little help logging on to the website.  I am truly grateful for everything she has done for me and my family.  It is nice to have an amazing support system and help organizing all the wonderful people who want to help!”

Thelma B.

“My first encounter with Here To Serve was through my daughter’s former teacher, whose son was battling leukemia.  Our entire family got involved in their care community and was so impressed with what Here To Serve had to offer that we recommended them to good family friends when their son was diagnosed with cancer years later.  We are all now full-fledged Here To Serve volunteers, providing services to local families in need whenever possible and participating in the annual Casino Night fundraising committee.  Having seen firsthand the tangible and invaluable benefits families receive through the care communities set up by Here To Serve, it became a mission to ensure these services are available to anyone and everyone who needs them.”

Alex T.

Here to Serve and Katie Quintas were a blessing for me and my son Joshua. Since 2012, Katie was always helpful and giving throughout my sons treatments. I can’t express enough my gratitude for all Katie and Here to Serve has done for me and my family. Forever grateful!

Sonia F.

When I started my journey with cancer 3 years ago we were introduced to Katie. She welcomed us into her home and told us of the benefits that Here to Serve was able to provide for us and the children. Katie was able to organize our support groups to provide meals, transportation and help around the house. To set up time schedules for the different activities that house with young children need. These things were such s blessing for us because it freed up the family to work through the emotions that come with this sickness, and to know that the family was covered while I was undergoing different treatments. It also provided a way to inform all of those interested in my healing progress with one simple update each week. Katie was extremely supportive throughout this fight. Her heart is to help out and she has done it so well. Thank you Katie“.

Gary P.