About Us

Our Mission

We believe a child or young parent’s cancer diagnosis is a life-altering journey.” For that reason, the care and support of the family are required to prevent parent(s) from losing their physical and mental health, home, job, and entering into bankruptcy. Therefore, we provide wraparound services to meet the daily living needs of young families navigating cancer.

Our Vision

Here to Serve envisions mobilized support for every child or young parent’s cancer journey from the point of diagnosis throughout treatment. We envision physical, financial, emotional help and resources for caregivers and families provided in ONE place. Eliminate the stress of researching and contacting a plethora of splintered resources to get needs met. Cancer is a three-legged stool, not two! Research, Treatment, AND Journey! The journey is as serious and consequential as cancer research and hospitals that treat. Therefore, we envision the cancer journey being given the same awareness, support, and funding. The truth is, THE JOURNEY MATTERS!

What We Do

Here to Serve provides assistance to families caring for a child or a child’s parent battling cancer. We:

  • Mobilize people and resources to meet the daily living requirements of families who do not qualify for government assistance.
  • Build online communities of support called Care Communities, that provide a network of services and financial assistance for families caring for their child or spouse battling cancer.
  • Provide hard-to-find resources at the start and throughout treatment as needs arise.

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    Our Inspiration

    Here to Serve is dedicated to Silvio Quintas, Bryan Quintas, Phil Carlson, and Paul Alindog who exhibited unimaginable courage, faith, and dignity in their battles with cancer and are the inspiration for starting Here to Serve. Bryan Quintas won his battle with cancer.  Silvio, Phil, and Paul are home with the Lord.  Because of these valiant warriors, Here to Serve strives to make a difference in the lives of individuals, families, and their caregivers battling cancer.

    Research the Cure; Treat the Illness;                 Manage the Journey

    Multiple paths

    Research, Treatment, and Journey!  Cancer is a three-legged stool, NOT two! The journey a family must take when their child or young spouse receives a cancer diagnosis is often overlooked, yet it can make or break you. Hospitals have been known to cure the patient and promptly bury the family in financial debt.  What happens if a family is on government assistance or makes more than government support programs and nonprofit organizations allow?

    Many middle and working-class families live on the edge just making ends meet and some do not have the advantage of government financial support. They often rely on two incomes and pay for private insurance usually with high deductibles and co-pays. Their treatment options and hospital choices can be limited because they chose an affordable plan betting a medical crisis will not occur…then it happens! Where do they turn?…where does anyone turn who struggles physically, financially, and emotionally after a cancer diagnosis? Often to family and friends. However, this can be a confusing and overwhelming labor of love for even the closest of family members and friends.

    Now there is a way not only to make the journey bearable, but blessed…Here to Serve! We focus on the journey providing for ALL your needs in ONE place.  That includes child and family updates, help at home, with children, pets, housekeeping, meals, laundry, finances and so much more. We provide hard-to-find resources through a family care coordinator who is also an expert at leveraging our proprietary tools to organize and mobilize friends, family, and loved ones who want to help.

    We keep friends and family apprised of updates, not only on the cancer treatment of your loved one, but how the family is coping. We identity needs they can help with and spearhead fundraising online and connect them with foundations that can help. We empower friends and family to help with proprietary tools we know will make them more effective in their support of you and your family, never overwhelming you or your family and friends. All this is found in one place to make the journey easier so you can focus on your sick child or spouse, and family.

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