​Harper’s Story

Harper on the last day of chemo

Little Harper was diagnosed with Acute Myeloid Leukemia when she was just 10 months old. They hoped she would have had the more common Acute Lymphoid Leukemia which had a better prognosis. Further tests confirmed that not only did she have AML, but she had a mutation that is not seen very often (M7- megacaryoblastic). Harper proceeded to spend the next ten days receiving chemo treatments every 12 hours. Harper’s parents never left her side and they relied on their own parents (Harper’s grandparents) to bring them clothes, toiletries and food. Here to Serve stepped in to handle the day-to-day needs for the next many months while Harper received chemo to eradicate her cancer. Harper is now cancer free and living the life you would expect of a normal 2 year old!

“At first I didn’t feel we needed any help. I was doing my daughter’s laundry and bringing meals to the hospital. We had a lot of support from friends and church family. Now looking back, I am so grateful we finally agreed. The meals blessed us so much as well as the laundry being done weekly. It freed us up so we were able to give all our attention to one purpose, healing our baby girl. I truly do not know how we could have gone through our granddaughter’s cancer battle without Here to Serve beside us every step of the way. Here to Serve made a dramatic difference in our ability to cope during an extremely traumatic time of our lives.”

Dana, Harper’s grandmother

Services Provided by Here to Serve:Teamwork
  • Home Needs Coordination
  • Fundraising Assistance
  • Resource Referral
  • Family Updates

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